Expansion joints in Viton B™

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Expansion joints made with the fluoroelastomerViton B™ original made by DuPont, thanks to its chemical-physical characteristics, represent the most suitable solution for systems in which the operating conditions are particularly critical.

The most common and frequent applications are found on the ducts of DeSOx and DeNOx fume treatment plants, on absorbers, fans, factory chimneys, and other equipment installed in corrosive environments.

The considerable chemical-physical properties of Viton B™ (fully described in internationally-available technical documentations), enable its use in areas with large amounts of acidic condensation due to relatively low temperature of the process fluid.

Furthermore, Viton B™ can work up to 205°C without interruption and temporarily at higher peak temperatures.

BBV Tech Viton B™ expansion joints are made available by BBV Tech both with horizontal flanges (belt type expansion joint) and with vertical flanges (integrally flanged expansion joint) and made with closed rings or open with free ends for on-site vulcanization.

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