Certifications and Quality

Over twenty years of experience acquired in the production of non-metallic expansion joints has enabled BBV Tech to become the leader in its field.

Constant updating of the computer network, investment in specialized equipment for the machining of materials, and continual technological research have enabled BBV Tech to present itself in the market with a wide range of increasingly safe and ecologically sound product

Our top priority is product quality, and we are continually searching for improvements in our production technologies. In order to satisfy a market with increasingly low budgets, we have designed and built special equipment which, in the case of non-metallic expansion joints, enables us to automatically execute many design phases and a wide range of geometrical shapes, without ever lowering our guard on quality. These machines work with very low scrap percentages, automatically executing all the cutting and mounting phases, manufacturing products with minimum tolerances

BBV Tech products are also, designed to make installation at the plant easy and convenient.

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