Rublex – Expansion Joint

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Rubber expansion joint body is made with high thickness, both on flanges area and on spherical arch.

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Rublex – Expansion Joint
Rublex – Expansion Joint


  • manufactured from ND 20 (Ø3/4”) to ND 600 (Ø24”), special execution from ND 650 (Ø26”) to ND 1800 (Ø72”)
  • available with single/double sphere
  • available flange drilling: ANSI, AWWA, UNI, DIN, BS and/or special drilling internal textile reinforcement suitable for high temperature up to 149°C
  • minimum pressure safety factor: 4 to 1
  • accessories: control rods, gussets ad/or integral flanges in carbon steel or stainless steel can be supplied

“Rubflex” expansion joints (molded type) manufacturing peculiarities

For a better understanding of high technology profile of such a product
following consideration are a must:

  • rubber body is made with high thickness, both on flanges area and on spherical arch
  • flange zone are reinforced with metal elements (ring/plates) with very high resistance
  • textile reinforcement insert are made with high resistance fibers
  • rubber body, thanks to its own reinforced carcass, can withstand high stress due to internal pressure, making unnecessary any type of external reinforcement (ex. “L” shape metal lose flanges)

Relevant advantage are evident:

  • high thickness will guarantee stability on flange area, with a consequent full thickness also with big dimension and in presence of high pressures
  • thanks to sphere configuration they are particularly suitable for anti-vibration use
  • better dynamic of fluid
  • disregardable loss of load

For special vacuum application can be supplied with inner or embedded spiral/ring.

Rublex – Expansion Joint
Rublex – Expansion Joint
Operating temperatures
standard materials (rubber) max operating temperatures
butyl B 121°C
EPDM E 121°C
EPDM E 149°C (1)
hypalon H 107°C
neoprene HN 107°C
nitrile Ni 107°C
natural rubber NR 92°C
(1) Emergency condition time within 2 hours
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