High Flexibility

Medium and Gaseous state

Low Pressure

All Size and Shape

An expansion joint made from textile fibres is a flexible element. It belongs to the category of the non-metallic expansion joints.

They can withstand extremely high temperatures, up to 1100°C.

A fabric expansion joint is made of one or more layers of different nature, each of which performs a specific task.

Some materials are designed to withstand temperature, others are designed to resist corrosion caused by the process fluid, and others retain pressure.

Overlaying and combining of different layers obtains a stratification that has properties suitable for specific project conditions.

It is therefore an extremely versatile component.

Customized Manufacturing

They are suitable for low pressure medium gaseous state and range temperature -47°C up to +1100°C. special design and customized shape.

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Pipe Penetrations

pipe penetrations

Especially when used in boilers, it constituites an advantageous alternative to the metal expansion joints.

expansion joint in used as a flexible

This kind of expansion joint in used as a flexible conneting element between a wall and the tubes which pass trough it. It is generally applicable to:

  • The roof, floor and side walls of boilers (HRSG)
  • Naval equipment
  • Fire prevention facilities