BBV Group intends to participate in the development of engineering by collaborating with its customers in issuing tender documents or in process engineering.

BBV Group’s Department of Engineering has the skills to carry out process studies of production lines and stress analysis.

BBV Group will draw up materials requisitions, job specifications and stress analysis diagrams on behalf of its customers.

The BBV Group Technical Office offers consolidated design expertise in the various disciplines of engineering and technical architecture (technological machinery, layout analysis, HAZOP review, etc. ).  The organizational structure of the Group also allows, in coordination with its customers, drafting of complete projects or providing specialized disciplinary services.

The Group is active in revamping, repowering, and new execution, with or without interruption of production. Particular attention is paid to the themes of saving space and the implementation of security parameters.

In particular, BBV Group performs:

  1. Technical-economic FEASIBILITY STUDIES
  • Preliminary drafts
    We will assess possible alternatives and their operational, economic, and regulatory limitations in order to provide our customers with the tools that are necessary to decide which technical solution to pursue, with particular attention to plant processes.
  • Final drafts
    We will develop the essential elements of the project and all its technical and economic components.
  • Preparation and follow-up of the technical practices and certification
    Our project managers will be in charge of the preparation, presentation and follow-up of technical and certification practices that are directly related to certification bodies.
  • Executive design
    In order to guarantee the suitability and feasibility of the project, we will analyze its aspects in depth and we will develop all the detailed elements that are needed for the project’s complete definition.
  • Drafting of specifications, contract templates, technical specifications, calculations and price lists
  • Safety design (safety coordination during design)
  • Drafting of performance documents for maintenance

Piping Engineering Division which is a specialized department that, for nearly two decades, has been taking care of plant projects.


  • Direct Purchase Management
    BBV Group will act as the purchasing agent for direct deliveries to clients. Our professional services are mainly dedicated to the purchase of high-cost equipment and machinery that are critical for the life-cycle of the plant.
  • Procurement
    We will purchase the components for the coupling of the joints on the customer’s behalf, including the equipment that operates under pressure or stress.


  • Construction
    We will supervise the mounting of the expansion joints or the entire process line.
  • LSTK
    We can assume the role of General Contractor under EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contracts.


The main areas of activity of Project Management are:

  • Strategic counselling
    Set up of work strategies, definition of and sharing goals with customers; identifying procurement strategies and the most suitable contractual instruments for works and services.
  • Contractual assistance
  • General coordination
    Coordination of all those involved at various stages of the project (consultants, designers, contractors, contractors and suppliers).
  • Project plan and timeline control
    Definition of the outline programme of orders, toward the mounting of the MTO (Material Take Off).
  • Prequalification of contractors and suppliers and preparation of tender packages
    Scouting, tender bidding (static or dynamic) and bid analysis; also by making use of the BBV Group’s e-procurement platform.
  • Project communication management
    Drafting of order reports, constant information to clients about the project’s development, progress projection, and timely reporting of the consequences of client decisions.
  • Project Risk Management
    Identification of potential project risks and definition of mitigation and control measures.