Dog Bone – Rubber Expansion Joint

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The “Dog Bone” rubber expansion joint is commonly used for the construction of a flexible connection between a turbine neck and a condenser.

This kind of expansion joint for turbine exhaust represents the most common type of connection used in large plants such as power plants.

Its main function is to absorb different thermal expansions that are generated between turbine and condenser.

It is usually made with Neoprene rubber reinforced with embedded stronger textile layers.

It is made of a central flat plate of uniform high thickness, and two lateral expansions (bulbs), which are intended to allow attachment to the clamps of the metal parts that need to be connected.

Their normal operating characteristics are:

  • Operating continuous temperatures up to 60°C, with peaks up to 120° for limited periods,
    pressure up to 1 barg,
  • depression up to a no-load condition,
  • axial movement in compression up to 30 mm,
  • lateral movement up to 16 mm.

Dimensions (mm)
A 206,5
B 238,1
C 15,8
D 31,6
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