BBV Group’s Department of #Engineering has the skills to carry out process studies of production lines and stress analysis #expansionjoint


Engineering and Services #bbvinoflex
→ 3D Modeling
→ Stress analysis
→ Fluid dynamic analysis
→ Piping design and drawing
→ Frame design and drawing
→ After sales service
#Engineering #expansionjoints

We are happy to have celebrated 40 years of work.
With so much passion, the BBV-Inoflex Group join forces and giving value to the single specialties. Thanks you all. #expansionJoint #industrial #40years #happyday

We share our long experience with our customers to ensure the best performance of our expansion joints #adipec2018

Full supervision on plant in order to avoid unexpected shutdown #adipec2018 #adipelive

Installation (assistance to installer teams or installation with our own teams). Post-installation and/or periodic audits #expansionjoint #adipec2018

Medium Flexibility, Medium Spring Rate, Medium/High Pressure, Liquid and Gaseous state #RubberExpansionJoint #ExpansionJoint #adipec2018


RUBBER EXPANSION JOINTS They are suitable for medium gaseous and liquid state. Range temperature -40°C up to + 205°C. All shapes available on design. #adipec2018 #ADIPECLIVE visit our website here:

#أدنوك تنظم منتدى حول الغاز والتكرير والبتروكيماويات لتُطلع قادة قطاع الطاقة العالمي على استراتيجيتها الشاملة للغاز وخططها للنمو والتوسع في مجال الغاز والتكرير والبتروكيماويات


High flexibility, Low pressure, Medium gaseous state, All size and shape #fabricexpansionjoint #expansionjoint #adipec2018


FABRIC EXPANSION JOINTS They are suitable for low pressure medium gaseous state and range temperature -47°C up to + 1100°C. Special design and tailor made shape on request. #adipec2018 #ADIPECLIVE visit here:

Medium/Low Flexibility, Medium/High Spring Rate, Medium/High Pressure, SPECIAL TYPE UP TO 6 MT DIAMETER #expansionjoints #adipec2018

METALLIC EXPANSION JOINTS They are suitable for medium gaseous and liquid state. High pressure and temperature. All shapes and lengths available on design. #adipec2018 #ADIPEC visit our website:

Excellent relations in #Adipec2018 every year more and more satisfied! Visit our website thanks 😉

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