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BBV Group’s Department of Engineering has the skills to carry out process studies of production lines and stress analysis….

Expansion Joint - Manufacturing

The main objective is to satisfy our customers’ actual needs by adopting the most appropriate case-by-case

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The main goal is to meet the customer’s needs on site. In addition to the services shown in the “Engineering”

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compensatori di dilatazione non metallici.

What is a fabric expansion joint?
An expansion joint made from textile fibres is a flexible element. It belongs to the category of the…

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Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber Expansion Joints
have been specified and used for many years by consulting engineers, mechanical contractors, pressure vessel designers, plant…

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Metallic Expansion Joints

Metallic Expansion Joints
Metallic expansion joints are built to satisfy the most diverse and sophisticated designs required by the continual evolution of…

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expansion joint accessories

Accessories – Expansion Joints
Each individual plant may require the use of particular supports capable of bearing the weight of the pipes and, at the same time…

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Alflex Expansion Joints

alflex to bbvtech - expansion joints

Expansion Joints – High Quality Solutions.

We inform you that on June 16th 2015, with effects concurrent to the deed, the company Alflex Compensatori di dilatazione S.r.l. in liquidazione sells to BBV Tech S.r.l. the business unit consisting of all goods organized for the exercise of the business activities concerning the design, construction and the wholesale marketing of expansion joints, couplings and rubber vibration dampers, hoses, elastic suspensions, rolls and wear pads.

Similarly, the operating unit is fully maintained in the historic industrial site, located in Rodano (Province of Milan – Italy), zip code 20090, with visitors access from nr. 56

BBV Tech – High Quality Global Solutions

BBV Tech is based at a modern and welcoming site located at the entrance to Milan. The site houses two twin factories outfitted with “avant-garde” equipment and a vast warehouse.

BBV Tech has positioned itself as a partner for engineering companies and industrial concerns that have to tackle and solve problems associated with gas expansion in plants.

  • ISO 9001 cert. n. 0413
  • Where applicable, the products are designed, built, and tested in accordance with directive 97/23/EC for
    PED pressurized equipment.